Woman Walks into a Bar

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During the writing and research for my most recent novel ‘Dearest Rose’ I came into contact with many women who had survived abusive relationships. The true life stories that they had the courage to share with me affected

deeply, and made me determined to write
‘Dearest Rose’ went on to win the Festival of Romance Best Romantic Read of 2012 and the RoNA Best Epic Romance novel of 2013 and was also shortlisted for Romantic Novel of the Year 2013. the best book that I could, I was determined to do them justice and portray what its like to be in, and crucially, escape from an abusive relationship, as accurately as possible.

Researching the book made made me realise how endemic a problem it is within our society, and how many women still hide their abuse because they are often isolated, with very low self esteem – and there is still an element of shame attached to admitting that it is happening.

Well, I wanted to do something for the women that had found the courage to share their stories with me, as well as women out there who need help right now, and don’t know how to get it or where to go for it. And as I am a writer, and a lot more into eating cake and watching TV than bungee jumps or jogging, I though
So, on September 10th I am publishing my short novella ‘Woman Walks into a Bar’ as an ebook for the first time, and 100% of my

royalties will go to Refuge. My goal is to raise £10,000.t I’d do what I do best.
So please, come and join me on September 10th, tweet me with the hashtags #supportafriend and #womanwalks and tell me about your best friends and what they mean to you, my favourite tweet will win a prize! And more importantly PLEASE buy a copy of ‘Woman Walks into a Bar’ or even two, and get your friends to buy one too. Be a friend to another woman you have never even met, and maybe help them begin the journey that will change their lives for the better.As part of my campaign I have created #supportafriend campaign, which is all about being a best friend to a woman you don’t know and supporting another women who finds herself in a place where she needs the help and advice of an organisation like Refuge.

Come and help me reach out to the many women out there that truly need a friend right now. And if you are one of those women, then you can find help today on the Refuge website.

Purchase at Amazon.com


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