Press Room

Here are a few of the lovely things the press and reviewers have said about my books.

‘Heartbreakingly good stuff – just be sure to stock up on tissues’
The Sun On Sunday, Fabulous Magazine
‘Hankies ready for the gorgeous, way-weepie tale of a dying mum who makes a scrapbook of memories for her family to remember her by.
The multiple points of view layer in the emotion beautifully.’ 4 stars
Star Magazine
‘A moving, compassionate, heart-rending account of an illness that must be desperately hard to live with – I defy anyone to read it without sobbing in places…I’ve found my book of the year.’
Awfully Big Reviews
‘This is a book with love on every page…I have no shadow of a doubt that this will be one of my books of the year…Unadulterated reading pleasure from beginning to end.’
Being Anne
‘All the right ingredients for the perfect novel…Heartwarming…Read this book with tissues and loved ones to hand.’
Fabulous Book Fiend
‘Undoubtedly a tough subject to tackle in a novel but Rowan Coleman does it with such warmth, sensitivity and emotional depth that it works.’
Emma Lee-Potter
‘Touching, sensitively handled and truly outstanding.’ 9/10
Chick Lit Club
‘I just couldn’t put The Memory Book down…Beautifully written.’ 5/5
Miss Bookworm
‘Original, heartwarming and uplifting.’
Writer in a Wheelchair
‘Everything I wished for and more. A story that will stay with me for a long time.’ 5/5
On My Bookshelf

‘It will make you gasp, weep and yep, you guessed it, LOL’
Book of the Week, Fabulous magazine
‘A touching tale’
Heat magazine – 4 Stars
‘An engaging read, full of clever observations and very well written’
Hertfordshire Life
”Lessons in Laughing Out Loud’ is one of those quotable books. The author, through Willow, offers up so much good advice and humorous as well as serious dialogue that the reader will have a hard time forgetting even a small scene in this book.’
‘I loved Rowan Coleman’s wonderful combination of imagination and acute real-world social observation and elegant way with words. Lessons in Laughing Out Loud is one of those books that picks you up, makes you literally LOL on the first page and then sweeps you into its world with faultless ease. A truly loveable central character, a secret you really want to uncover and a huge cast of people from wildly different worlds who mesh and work together with impressive ease. Highly recommended.’
Author Serena Mackesy

‘I really enjoyed this. It’s both comforting and captivating, and it feels like it’s good for you…Well written, emotionally satisfying and engaging’ DAILY MAIL
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‘A must-read this summer’
‘Paced to perfection, it’s hard not to get emotionally involved as the characters help each other through their issues’
News of the World
‘Emotional reconnection is the order of the day…from this schematic premise, Coleman fashions an unexpectedly touching book’
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‘Well written and highly enjoyable’
‘Steeped in emotional complexity, a trip to Coleman’s Happy Home will make you laugh, cry and look at your sister in a whole new light’

‘Great escapism, with a good mix of humour and tension’
‘As much sparkling good fun as her previous titles…a hugely enjoyable read’
Hertfordshire Life
‘I really enjoyed The Accidental Family and do wonder if there may be a third instalment. How much more the family can deal with, who knows?, but I wouldn’t say no to a third book – I could read about Sophie, Louis, Bella, Izzy and all, all day long’

‘A funny, touching story – and another unputdownable read from a former winner of Company’s It Could be You competition’
‘Moving, light-hearted and funny – just the tonic every knackered woman needs!’
New Woman
‘A highly amusing bath book’
‘A sweet and easy to read tale’
‘A charming tale…Sophisticated chick-lit’
‘I have to say now, after having read three books by Rowan you are always guaranteed a good read. This one is lovely and I enjoyed it tremendously’

‘A gripping soap opera of a book’
‘This premise, with a few clever twists thrown in, will have you turning the pages to discover if the characters can forgive each other or will opt for a different life’

‘A classic piece of chick-lit…this is the most successful of the ‘quick reads’ because it achieves a perfect synthesis between its subject, its treatment and its target market. Coleman tells her story with bundles of warmth and humour’
The Spectator
‘A sweet and candid novella’
Hertfordshire Life

‘Truly Brilliant!’
‘A fantastic first novel’

‘A witty, wonderful, warm-hearted read by former Company Young Writer Of The Year’
‘A stylish feel-good story of love lost and found’
Daily Record

‘Everyone who is a mother will recognise all the emotional highs and lows that the characters in this book experience after having a baby…a poignant story’
Hertfordshire Life
‘Comic and easy to read’
In The Know
‘A great, easy to read tale’
The Sun
Prima Baby & Pregnancy
‘As ever with Rowan’s stories, the characters are very well drawn and easy to empathise with…a lovely book, a gentle read with lots of romcom factors’

‘Growing Up Twice was a triumphant first novel and the follow-up is just as impressive‘
‘Touching and thought-provoking’