The Wood for the Trees

I’ve been beset by ideas this week, which you (or one, if we’re being posh) would think is a good think, But I’m not so sure. Too many ideas confuse the plot and slow down the pace and I’ve learnt over six books that you can’t fit all the ideas or indeed all the characters that you have created at the begining in to one book, some will have to go along the way which can be hard to do – especially when you love your ideas and characters. So I’ve handed what I have over to my dear trusted editors to ask for their opinion, which I highly value. I hope it will keep me focused and my eye on the end goal so I don’t end up writing four books in one by mistake! I keep having ideas for other books too, which is also good but can be a little bit of a problem when the new fresh idea keeps popping into your head saying” write me, write me, it will be much more fun than that old thing you’ve devoted half a year to!’ and you have to shut it up and shove it back in the drawer. (Real or Metaphorical either one.) I met fabulous writer Jean Ure last week at a librarian’s thing in Kent and she told me to write every single idea down and keep it for as long as it takes because one day you’ll be able to use it and ideas are a precious commodity. So I’m not going to moan about my idea influx, I’m going to write them all down in a book and put them in a real drawer and save them for the inevitable rainy day!

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  1. I write every single I idea I have in a notebook then, when I’m stuck for an idea for a short story or whatever, I flick through the notebook and see if anything bites.

    That said I really fancy writing a short story and none of my ideas are really grabbing me and I can’t think of any new ones! I’m not stressing though – sometimes ideas come along when you least expect them.

  2. As a ‘hopeless’, whoops meant to say ‘hopeful’ writer, I also write ideas down regularly. Most of them get blogged. I’ve found lots of inspiration in blog-land and would like to find a sympathetic editor who might like my work!
    Crystal Jigsaw x

  3. Oh, stashing ideas away for a rainy, non-brainy day is essential. Even if they never get used, it’s ace to dredge through the evidence your mind has concocted. (Note: best not to show notebooks of ‘thoughts’ to passing men in white coats)

    Oh, and welcome to the Novel Racers…

  4. Hi Rowan, I am having the same thing at the moment – dying to start this really fun idea I’ve just had and I know it’s because I’m wrestling with a rather thorny ending to the work in progress.
    I keep a book of ideas too – but usually they are vague scribbles that I read back months later and think, “What the hell was THAT all about?”
    Hope your editor gives you the thumbs up so far anyway.

  5. God, that’s so true about ideas assailing you. Happens to me all the time and drives me mad but also gives me the momentum to try to get the WIP done so I can move on…

    Hope the feedback is positive – and not slow in coming!


  6. Hi guys, my editor is a genius and so I had feeback the NEXT day – that’s what I’m talking about! It’s all good with some excellent ideas to improve structure and get it moving along against at the pace I want. I’m not the sort of writer who can do all of that stuff at the end, I think I’d find it too daunting. I like to edit as I go, so am feeling energised and ready for the onslaught!

  7. I think the ‘write them down and keep them’ advice is excellent.

    I’m here in a semi-official capacity today, doing the rounds for the novel racers. Thanks for your support for the race. The consensus is that linking everyone on your sidebar would be much appreciated. As far as I know, there are three ways to do this: via (I use this, it’s user-friendly even for non-techies, free and compatible with blogger); through blogger itself, or by using code written by B.E. Sanderson available on request by email. Hope that helps, and looking forward to seeing us all up there!

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