I’ve promised to have a go at blogging every day. Who have I promised? The other racers who are so much better and more diligent than me, and myself. So that is what I’m going to do. Blog every day.

As a consequence my blog may often be quite dull, badly typed and quite short but I’m giving it a go. Today I finished reading the proof pages of the next Ruby Parker book ‘Musical Star’ It’s my favourite Ruby book so far, I’ve really enjoyed writing it so it was was fun to read it through in its proper printed form. Somehow when you see your work in book form its as if someone else has written it and at last you can look at it with a dispassionate eye and read it from a distance. Also this book had a sort of ‘fourth dimension’ in that it features a musical and I asked a talented teen I know to write some music to go with the song lyrics I produced. Hopefully the songs will go on the website at some point – they are really good!

I am also forced to tidy up today, because people are coming. As you may know I don’t really ever tidy up unless I have visitors, because there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to prioritise dusting over a) writing books and b) thinking about writing books.

‘Get a cleaner!’ people frequently advise me, but I find I can’t do that. Call me old fashioned but it seems wrong to me the notion of ‘getting’ another human being to clean up after me and my small family in my small house. Maybe its my proletariat upbringing but essentially the thought of asking another person to clean for me appalls and embarrasses me much more than a carpet that needs a vacuum.

So that’s it, my first ever daily blog. I can see its not my finest work, it lacks drive, impetus and intrigue but much as I’d love to stay and improve it, chuck in a plot twist or two – maybe introduce a love interest, I can’t, I’ve got to wash the kitchen floor.

What I might do is use this space to write a fictional blog – a sort of serialised story a little bit every day – what do you think?