My experience with dental implants in Turkey (its awesome)

Never once did I think that I’d lose a tooth to a random accident. Even though I consider myself somewhat of a “worrier,” even though I had dreams and heard stories, it was just never something I imagined happening to me. Therefore, I was totally unprepared for the intense rush of emotions that hit me on that fateful day. I will not go into details right here, but instead of using my hands to ease the fall down the last few stairs I was taking down my apartment. I instinctively decided to use my face (teeth, to be more specific).

The next morning, I went to my dentist in a hurry. I hoped for positive news because the tooth was just slightly damaged and not fully cracked or completely displaced. My dentist broke the terrible news to me after many x-rays and much deliberation: a straightforward crown was out of the question. My only choices were a bridge or dental implants. After giving it some thought, I decided on the latter, as the other teeth that the doctor told I may have wanted operated were not damaged enough to make way for any dental health issue or aesthetical concerns

I was shocked when I heard the price of 10k$, as I wasn’t exactly in the position to afford it when I was going through this  whole process. I had my own finances and this particular event was completely unaccounted for. Searching for an answer to my problem, I came across an article mentioning how affordable dental treatment in Turkey was. Having wished to go there for a long time anyway, I decided taking the trip may have been well worth it.

I visited Periodonta dental clinic for their affordable dental implants, and saying that I was impressed would be an understatement. The expert staff handled me through the process and lead way to the most effortless, painless and inexpensive dental surgery I have ever had (and suspect will never have again)

So, to begin with the procedure, the remaining portion of my tooth had to be extracted as part of the dental implant procedure, and a bone graft had to be undergone to reinforce my weak jaw (apparently women are prone to this more than men). Nerves around the area were cut in order to go with the process, and I wore a removably attached flipper denture after my extraction. I had to put not take this flipper off before my gums and jaw had recovered, which didn’t feel like a very long time as there was no discomfort.

My mouth was prepared for the dental implants itself after a few months had passed. Although I was a little nervous about the fact  that ı was going to have a  metal piece fitted into my jaw, the process was not painful at all and was done quickly. Luckily, everything else went off without a hitch too. The dentists at the Periodonta clinic affixed a temporary crown on the abutment, and until the region had completely healed, I was instructed to wear this plastic crown and not take it off. I think it was a couple of months after that when I received my porcelain crown which I use to this day.

Friends and relatives as of now rarely notice the difference between my crown and natural teeth. And even though people frequently inquire about how it feels, nothing has changed. I frequently overlook the fact that I even have a dental implant as I can comfortably say that it feels as if nothing had happened back there to begin with. I’m aware this is partly due to the advances in dentistry. I probably would not have said the same if I had an implant 50 years ago, but I still think about the dentists expertise that got me through that process to this day. I understand how there is a lot of talk going on about dentists in Turkey and questions always pop up regarding their proficiency, but I’d like to remind all of my readers that you can simply throw your worries out the window once you’re sure you’ve selected the right dental clinic (Periodonta in my case) and got to know the doctors and read as many reviews as you can about the place. So if you do have dental complaints, don’t miss out on Periodonta!