Good intentions

OK so as a resolution goes, forgetting to blog on only the second day of promising to blog every day wasn’t my finest hour….but I did have a sort of excuse.

Yesterday was my husband’s works Christmas party in a posh hotel in London. As a full time writer I don’t have a Christmas party, in fact after several weeks holed up writing a novel all by myself, I can sometimes barely have any social skills at all and when I am occasionally wheeled out blinking into the sunlight to do book events, meet buyers etc it feels a bit like I have to socially defrost myself. As a consequence I do try to go to every single party I am invited to, just to keep my hand in with the whole talking to people my own age thing (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

There was a dress code at the party, the theme was ‘Magic’ and we all had to wear red, black or silver. ‘It’s fancy dress,’ my husband declared. ‘I’ll go as a Vegas Magician and you can be my assistant.’ And so he duly ordered a red silk ruffled shirt with big sleeves from e-bay and a mystic medallion which he planned to wear unbuttoned to his naval with some tight black trousers.

Now I’m the kind of girl who believes that despite my large periods of virtual solitude I live a much more glamorous life than I actually do. My wardrobe is packed full of party frocks of all styles, colours and sequinage. If I want a pair of jeans or a jumper to wear of a morning I struggle, but a silver slingback? I have ten pairs to choose from. So for me getting the outfit together was no problem. Sparkly red dress with fish tail – check. Long black feather trimmed gloves – check. Red feather hair adornment – check. Ruby effect costume jewellery – check. And of course a pair of silver slingbacks. It did give me pause to think that I had all of that just sitting in my wardrobe but then again I looked upon it as proof that I actually did need it.

So we were set, and to be honest the only thing that kept me from blogging yesterday was this new fangled ‘make-your-bra-fit-a-backless-dress-strap-contraption’ which I can tell you is very tricky to get on….anyway I digress.

So we get to the hotel, we check in. We dress up. We look good, camp but good. This is going to be a fun evening I think. I love costume parties. We walk into the ballroom.

Its not fancy dress.