Crossed off the list!

Well friends, I did not make the shortlist for the RNA Romantic Novel of the Year. The writers who did make are all excellent and very deserving and I was honestly so pleased to be on the long list in the first place.

I really feel it is an important award because it is the only one that recognises that writers of popular fiction and yes, even romantic fiction, put as much care and devotion into their work with just as much skill and talent as the far more widely critically recognised writers of literary fiction do. So Good luck to all on the shortlist from me.

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  1. I am so disappointed…..I’ve booked my tickets and I’m going to the lunch. I soooooo wanted to toast you winning with a glass of bubbly.

    I agree the short list is good too but………

  2. Thank you for all you lovely comments! I am still so pleased to have been on the longlist and althought to be shortlisted would have been wonderful I do think the list is full of worthy writers (mainly) (kidding)

  3. I think that was a wonderfully gracious post in the circumstances. If I had been in your position I would have been a snarling green-eyed monster. But you and everyone else are right, getting on to the longlist is an achievement in itself, particularly when you think of how many romantic novels get published each year. So a double ‘well done’ from me!

  4. I just think you’re amazing to get your books published regardless. Well done for getting on the long list as well. There were some great names on that that didn’t make the short list either.

    Something to aim for with the new draft? x

  5. Oh 🙁
    But you’re a genius.
    Would you like me to start a protest? I could make a banner.

    Well done you for the long list. That’s a fabulous achievement.

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