It’s been a very long time since I blogged last – months and months in fact and a lot in my life has changed since then, but then that’s the nature of life isn’t it? Nothing ever stays the same.

One of the reasons I’ve been quite on the blogging front is because I have been so busy on the writing front, working to get my new book ready for publication in February. I am just about there now, only page proofs to read and then ta-da! There’s the book all finished. Its a bit like childbirth, in a very small way in that as soon as you see it you forget all the pain and angst of producing it and want to do it all over again.

To be fair the kind of book I write isn’t really as prone to pain and angst as most people, how artistic can one get over a romantic/dramatic/comedy? I’m not Proust after all, if I smell cake all I want to do is eat it.

I am hover, now sort of a Russian Novelist in that last week I got the Russian translation of THE ACCIDENTAL MOTHER. I love getting foreign language translations – although in this case I really, really wish I could read Russian because the text is actually annotated with asterisks and extra explanations and I’d love to know which bits! If any one reading this happens to be fluent in Russian please do let me know….

Also last week ANOTHER MOTHER’S LIFE – which is the U.S title for THE ACCIDENTAL WIFE – was published in America and by all accounts its doing quite well and is to be put on a list called The Indie Next Notable Book list in December, which is great news. It’s such a thrill for me to think of my books being read in other countries, or at all by anyone anywhere. I will never stop feeling privileged to have this job.

So now I have three books at page proof stage which, purely coincidentally as they all different publishers, will all be out in February 2009. THE ACCIDENTAL FAMILY – the sequel to THE ACCIDENTAL MOTHER, when you can find out what happened next to Sophie, Louis and the girls, RUBY PARKER SHOOTING STAR, the fifth and penultimate book in the Ruby series, where Ruby braves Hollywood again and MOMMY BY MISTAKE which is the US title for THE BABY GROUP.

And by the end of this year I will have started my new children’s paranormal series called WELCOME TO WEIRDSVILLE and early next year I’ll be starting my new women’s novel, which is Top Secret at the moment but I can’t wait to start it.

So here I am, back blogging, dipping my toe in the water once again and hoping to be much more present here over the next weeks and months…ONWARDS!